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Welcome to MFC Industrial Ltd.

MFC Industrial Ltd. is a global supply chain company that sources and delivers commodities and materials to clients all over the world, with a special expertise on the financing and risk management aspect of the business. The team at MFC Industrial Ltd is able to locate and procure basic materials for clients around the world, and brings a knowledge of logistics to the table that includes all major modes of transport, government relations and regulatory environments.

The Company has experience with ores, metals, energy and lumber, and can source and deliver these and other commodities efficiently and timely.

MFC Industrial Ltd. commits its own capital and personnel to capitalize on its sourcing, finance, risk management and logistics capabilities and experience to maximize returns throughout the supply chain. Commodities either originate from the company’s own production assets or are sourced from third parties.

The company’s approach to its supply chain business creates shareholder value by:
  • Managing risk by creating a short turnaround cycle,
  • Holding minimal fixed assets,
  • Arranging financing or directly financing its suppliers for the long-term, and
  • Generating long-term customer loyalty based on satisfaction.
MFC Industrial Ltd has a stronger financial base than other companies of its size, leavened by years of experience in buying quality assets and adding value at various places on the supply chain. It also constantly evaluates potential acquisition targets to find interesting opportunities for future growth and profitability.

The Company has operations in Austria, Hong Kong, Canada and China with employees in countries around the world.

  400 Burrard Street Suite 1860, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 3A6 Telephone: 1 604.683.8286 2011 MFC Industrial Ltd.  
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